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  Sound World: Exploring Digital Audio for Your Web Site

You already have a great-looking Web site with compelling design and expressive graphics. So why would you consider adding audio to the mix? We'll walk you through the how and why of digital audio for your organization's site.
[Read more in Software.]

  Hot Topic: How Do I Get Free Gmail Invitations?

Time was, invitations to Gmail -- Google's free e-mail service with more than two gigabytes of storage per account -- were hard to come by. These days, sites and charitable individuals are offering invites to those who want them. Find out how to snag yours.
[Read more in Virtual Community.]

  Mobile Phones Improve Economy, Quality of Life in Africa

A new report from Vodafone illustrates the impact of widely shared mobile phones on the continent's economic growth and quality of life.
[Read more in News and Views.]

  Remote Administration for Windows Server

If you manage a Windows server and you don't have remote administration options set up, chances are good that you traipse over to the server in order to perform such routine tasks as creating a new user account or defragmenting the hard drive. We'll show you how to save time and effort by administering the server from your desk.
[Read more in Computer Networks.]

  Verizon Foundation to Announce new Community Service Initiative

On Monday, May 16, the Verizon Foundation, the ePhilanthropy Foundation, and other partners will announce the creation of a nonprofit community service initiative. The initiative will leverage the power of network technology to help local and national nonprofit organizations in the U.S. enhance their management capabilities.

  RSS for Nonprofits

RSS, which stands for Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication, depending on whom you ask, is an easy way to deliver changing Web content. Not only can it help you keep track of what's new on the Web, but it can help your organization spread its message. Learn how you can start using this technology.
[Read more in Using the Internet.]

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TechSoup StockTechSoup Stock connects nonprofits with donated and discounted technology products. Choose from over 240 products from 25 providers including Cisco and Microsoft. Visit TechSoup Stock.

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