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Welcome to N-TEN! The Nonprofit Technology Enterprise Network

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Friday, August 12
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TechFinder is a free online directory of technology service providers for nonprofits. TechFinder is a service of N-TEN in partnership with

  • Search for technology services in your community
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    Note: Organizational Members of N-TEN who would like the N-TEN member logo to appear with their TechFinder listing should make that request here.
  • Golden Gate Bridge: Golden Gate Bridge Emerging Technology: What's Affordable, What's Accessible, and What Matters.

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    N-TEN: Your connection to the nonprofit technology community. The Nonprofit Technology Enterprise Network (N-TEN) works to support the diverse people and organizations who help nonprofits understand and employ technology effectively. Learn more about who we are and what we do!


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    • JMT Consulting: N-TEN members receive 10-20% discounts on software, training, and consulting.

    • Telosa: N-TEN members receive a 15% discount on Exceed! fundraising and donor management software licenses.

    • Antharia: N-TEN members get a 30% discount on training and 20% discount on all Antharia products and services.

    • N-TEN members receive a 10% discount on set-up fees for the DiA platform.

    • Community TechKnowledge: N-TEN members get a 20% discount on setup fees.

    • Foothold Technology: N-TEN members get 20 hours of free customization or two days of free training.

    • Common Knowledge: N-TEN members get 70-80% off 'The Online Solutions Market Review.'

    • Electric Embers: N-TEN members get 10% off their full range of services, including NPOGroups.

    • Gifts In Kind: Nonprofits can register to receive donated software, computers, office equipment and supplies, and N-TEN members receive 20% off the registration fee.

    • N-TEN members get 10-25% off a range of online tools and trainings.

    • Isoph: N-TEN members get 15% off more than 150 online learning courses, from Accounting to Web Development.

    • Nonprofit Quarterly: N-TEN members get 25% off annual subscriptions and 20% off some publications.

    • Social Solutions: $500 discount on product licenses for 501(c)3 organizations.

    • Stanford Social Innovation Review: N-TEN members get 30% off annual subscriptions.

    • Vesana: N-TEN members get 10% off web hosting services.

    • Wiley Publishing: N-TEN members get 20% off all titles from Wiley, Jossey-Bass, the "For Dummies" series, and many other imprints.




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