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A brief primer on marketing for nonprofits

    Summary: An outline of key terms linked to a short FAQ item about each.

When the FAQ was first being put together, a marketing consultant put together this brief outline of marketing; it's still useful today.

What is marketing?

Where can I find some simple marketing ideas?

Do we still need marketing if we have no fee-for-service programs?

How do I define my programs so people will understand?

How do I set my marketing strategy?

Some simple marketing ideas to get started at low cost

What is cause marketing?

What is telemarketing?

Are market research and marketing research the same thing?

When should I conduct marketing research?

Can we do our own marketing research? If so, how?

What is meant by internal marketing?

How do I carry out internal marketing?

What should we say to our employees about philanthropy?

What influences people's reactions to NPOs' materials?

Some texts on marketing for nonprofits

Constructed from early postings to the FAQ 2/10/05 -- PB

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