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Resources for Fundraising Online

This list was begun on August 12, 1999, and has been updated since from information supplied after inquiries on the cyber-accountability and CYBERGIFTS mailing lists and by readers. Some of the entries were provided by the providers of the listed services, others by individuals who have an interest in the subject. Starting May 19, 2000, I have included an Edit Log at the end of this document to make it easier for repeat visitors to track changes.

I've been told lately that several of the listed links are not functioning. Some needed correcting. But when I couldn't get the link to work at all, I disabled it (and entered a note to that effect). Further changes in this listing are inevitable. Additions, corrections and more complete information are all needed to make this catalog as useful as it might be. Please send anything that might be helpful to

Disclaimer: I have not checked all the listed URLs for functionality nor verified the other information in any systemmatic way. This list is offered solely as a public service. No endorsement or other encouragement to rely upon any of these services should be inferred from the presence of an entry in this list; no disparagement should be inferred from the absence of any provider. As the previous paragraph indicates, this catalog is a work in progress. Please help to make it complete and accurate.

Putnam Barber

Discussions of this topic and other online references

[To jump immediately to the top of the alphabetical list of resources, click here.]

Several readers have expressed a wish for some way of classifying all this information. I must say, I share that desire. A fundraising firm, HJC New Media, makes a major contribution in that direction with their comparison shopping tool for many of these listed resources called The Nonprofit Matrix ( It categorizes many of the application service providers (ASPs) and portals in the nonprofit sector in helpful ways. I've listed below some other online resources that take various approaches to tackling that task.

TechSoup (from CompuMentor) published "Inexpensive Donor Databases" by Robert Weiner on April 12, 2005. See The webpage has links to donor-management software costing less than $500 (including several free offerings) and a discussion of how to go about choosing.

Michael Stein and John Kenyon explore the development of online fundraising over a decade in an article in the Winter 2004 issue of Nonprofit Quarterly available at

As online giving becomes more common, people are beginning to think about what donors themselves may want, need or expect in terms of the way the transactions work and their relationships evolve. One interesting discussion of this topic is the "e-Donor Bill of Rights" under development by the Association of Fundraising Professionals (formerly NSFRE); see AFP has other interesting discussions of online aids to philanthropy at NPower/Seattle has a review of donor-management software available online at It covers both desktop systems and those that work through application service providers over the Internet; the page also has links to other relevant materials. The UK's Charities Aid Foundation and some large charities surveyed online donors in 2001 and found a profile that differs in significant ways from observations of people who make donations through other channels; a report of these results is online at

Michael Stein and John Kenyon wrote The eNonprofit: A Guide to ASPs, Internet Services and Online Software for publication by CompassPoint in early 2002. The guide can be purchased in printed form or downloaded without charge from

For the special category of "one-click" donation sites, Kimberly Chapman provides a rating service focused on the interests of donors at The standards described in her criteria are worth considering by anyone who seeks donations online. (I don't try to keep track of all the "one-click" sites; Kimberly Chapman's website offers a comprehensive and updated list with active links.  See also the Click-to-Give note below.)

Idealist published a clear introduction to the whole subject of raising money online by Beth Kanter, the Education Coordinator for Arts Wire.  "Exploring Online Fundraising" mentions many of the sites included in the list below as useful examples for nonprofits thinking about whether, and how, online fundraising might become part of their efforts to find support. Rick Christ posted in April 2000 an 11-page essay reviewing the status of online charitable giving; it is on the web at; he also publishes an occasional newsletter on related topics (see

The Foundation Center offers a discussion of these general topics on line at An earlier essay on the same themes is Eric Mercer's "How Can We Use the Internet for Fundraising," part of the NONPROFIT FAQ at Graham Francis is devoting his MA project at the London (UK) College of Printing to collecting reports of how various approaches to encouraging online philanthropy are actually working. His results can be found at

There is a clear user-friendly account of how to use four of the charity shopping services, created by New England Dollars for Scholars as guidance to chapters, at

Marc Lee of Affinity Resources prepared discussed "donation processing engines" (facilities that let charities add a "donate now" button to their websites) in an online article published May 12, 2000. An attached table compares fees and other requirements on an apples-to-apples basis. See

Charity Channel publishes Ephilanthropy and Technology Review online; information at

The Online Fundraising Resources Center is the work of Adam Corson-Finnerty and Laura Blanchard, Department of Development and External Affairs, University of Pennsylvania Library. It contains excerpts from their book, Fundraising and Friend-Raising on the Web, now available from ALA Editions. It also includes teaching materials from classes and presentations. In May 2001, the website included a useful "musing" on "Not.coms" exploring the reasons for slow growth (and disappointed hopes) in the arena of online fundraising. (You can order a copy of the book by calling 1-800-545-2433 or from through this link; a royalty will be paid that will help to support the Internet Nonprofit Center.  Order Fundraising...on the Web now.)</p >

The W. K. Kellogg Foundation maintains an online database of organizations that are active in "ephilanthrophy" -- a term which includes both facilities for fundraising (such as those listed in this file) and, more generally, nonprofit activities online. The current version of this database, and associated discussion, can be found online at Many of the providers listed below are also included in this database, often with additional information.

Michael Stein offered a clear way to distinguish among some of the listed sites, and other helpful comments, in the December 27, 1999, issue of NetAction.  You can read it at

Links to About.Com articles and sites discussing methods, theories and research concerning raising funds on the Web are in Information on subscribing to "About Nonprofits" can be found at

This introduction was extensively revised 9/18/03 and updated slightly 1/21/04 -- PB

Alphabetical Listing of Resources for Online Fundraising


Purchases made through the website can generate royalties to nonprofits designated by the purchaser. Also buys back used printer cartridges and will forward payment to a designated nonprofit. (Online press-release 6/17/03)


"123Signup offers integrated solutions to assist with online member enrollment, renewals, profile updates, event registration, reporting and tracking of payments resulting in service for members and convenience to associations." (Email 4/20/01)


"Organizations can raise funds by setting up a web page with links to online merchants. When someone visits the merchant via the link, the organization receives a commission." (Email 9/14/03)

This site lists sales, specials, and events in local communities. Businesses or organizations can make a listing online for free or can purchase fancy ads ($30). A Fundraiser can sell "fancy ad" tickets or can merely promote the site in their community so donors visit and purchase ads online. Up to 45% of any money made from your assigned city is shared.(Apparently no longer operating 8/21/03)


Offers a broad range of applications designed for nonprofits over its website.  Accounting, payroll, donations, event registrations, membership processing, intranets.  (Ad in The Nonprofit Times, 2/15/00.) "3rdSector.Net's fee for online donations, event registration and membership renewal is $29.95 per month. This fee includes 100 transactions per month. The cost per transaction, after the first 100 transaction per month, is $.40 (40 cents) per transaction. The one time setup fee is $185." (Email 3/29/00)


A secure e-commerce system for nonprofit organizations. (From the website, 8/20/01)

4charity provides tools and services for nonprofits to support online fundraising, donor and volunteer management, event registration and communications. The tools are integrated into customers[radical] websites and may be purchased separately or as a suite. 4charity also provides Internet consulting services for web design and development of customized web-based solutions. 4charity[radical]s customers may participate in the 4Charity Mall. 100% of all donations and money raised through affinity shopping is given to the charity. (Email 3/2/01) Has an option for sending greeting cards that make a donation in the recipients name. (Email 3/22/01)


4GoodnessSake does not charge anything or sell anythig. Revenue is raised by advertising, and visitors select the organizations they want that revenue to go to. 100% of the revenue goes to the organizations people select. (Email announcement from founder 4/3/00)

Not operating 5/31/01. 

Shop on the web and help your school or community organization! It's as simple as 1, 2, 3: Find your organization. From there, click on a merchant and begin shopping. Your school or organization will receive a percentage of everything you purchase. (From the website, 1/13/00)


A Web-based marketing, registration, and payment service for all types of activities and events. Offers control over the special-event management process. (Adapted from the websits 5/8/00)

Active Computer

Active has an outstanding reputation for providing high quality support and software to the association/nonprofit industry for over eight years.


Offers campaign websites with subsidiary pages for multiple fundraisers. The tools are designed for self setup. The service also comes with email capabilities, detailed donation reports, and brand messaging. (Email 3/2/04)


An online shopping mall that allows shoppers to designate any participating organization to receive 20% of the total for goods on each order. (email 10/4/02)


"Affero is an online volunteering initiative that empowers individuals to raise awareness and funding for the non-profit organizations and causes that they support. We do this by enabling recognition and reward for valuable contributions to online interactions. Volunteers can join Affero, select which non-profits or causes will receive donations on their behalf and insert the customized link reflecting these choices to their discussion list or email signature. Those who receive value from the online interactions can click on the link and immediately provide recognition and a donation for the Volunteer that provided support." (Email 4/16/02)


"Affiniscape offers a comprehensive web solution to help run Association business. The $2500 package includes web site design and hosting, online dues payments, an interactive calendar where members can register and pay for association meetings/events, an online directory where members can update changes themselves, unlimited List Serves, mass email capability, and online shopping that generates royalties for the association. (email from Affiniscape, 11/25/02)

Affinity Partners  (apparently defunct 4/28/00; no such page, no valid email)

Affinity Resources

"We are a for-profit organization -- fund raising counsel -- with particular emphasis on on-line fund raising (see speakers note below). We also design and construct web sites for nonprofits." (email 2/15/00)  Marc Lee of this firm prepared a table comparing "donation processing engines" in May of 2000; a link is in the foreword above.

ALC eManagement

Announced in January 2001 the formation of this division to manage email list-based communications.  (Rick Christ's newsletter, 2/28/01)

All Charities

Changed its name to CoreMatter in September 2000. The allcharities domain is still active, but the site no longer functions as a donation processor (it recommends using or The visible text implies that the site might be made active again someday, but makes no commitment.  (Website visit, 1/26/01.)

All Star Charity

Apparently defunct; file not found 10/20/02.

" collects authentic, unique, and generally 'unavailable' items from celebrities and charities. Celebrities donate items ranging from signed memorabilia, such as autographed guitars, scripts, CDs and sporting equipment, to event tickets, backstage VIP passes, cars, and 'live' once-in-a-lifetime experiences. The charity chosen by the celebrity receives 100% of the winning bids from the auctioned items, as well as online exposure, which is a great way to educate large numbers of people." (From the website, 6/12/01) "Operating expenses are covered by Sony Broadband Entertainment and services are donated by various other corporate partners." (Email from Press Office of AllStarCharity, 6/21/01)

The Alumni Shopping Mall

Not operating 5/31/01.  Warning: the URL above now connects to a site with x-rated content.

14-page shopping malls with over 70 merchants. 70% of the total mall commissions paid to schools/associations. Non-binding agreement.

Animal Funds of America

Provides a portal site where donors can find national animal welfare charities they wish to support.  Donations can be made online to any charity via check, credit card, or gift of stock.  AFA is a membership organization that reviews and certifies its members annually.  In addition to its web site, AFA places its members into workplace employee fund drives, the largest being the Combined Federal Campaign for federal employees.

Association Central

Partners with the American Society of Association Executives to help "trade organizations, professional societies, nonprofits and enthusiast groups to build communities of like-minded people." (From the website 2/11/01)

"We use [for donation processing]. So far, we've been pleased with them. They sometimes give a special rate to nonprofit organizations, so worth looking into...." (Email to orgwebmaster, 5/2/00)


Comprhensive association management tools offered online. No pricing information available on website. (email 6/3/04)

Barnes & Noble

The Affiliate Program allows websites to sell Barnes & Noble items online and receive royalties from the sale.  MyBNLink provides links for people to put in their email. Whenever someone uses the link, the sender receives 5%; they can donate the money to charity (one of five) or keep it for themselves.  In addition, 1% of such sales is donated to First Book, a group in Washington, DC, that gives books to poor children.

Provides customized auction sites as "plug ins" for commerce or charity websites. (email from, 2/22/00.)


BeamAge Shopping Portal: 100% affiliate and merchant revenue donated to non-profit members. Free web sites and web exposure with direct donation pages, non-profit forums and chat, web ring and links. (email 8/15/00)


Supports the creation of "affiliate programs" (i.e., commissioned sales portals which can be used for fundraising) with a very long list of merchants.

Seeks to "encourage more people to  give more money  more effectively to charities" by  reducing fundraising and educational costs for nonprofits, promoting planned giving among donors and allowing donors to "better evaluate and communicate with nonprofits."


Advertises a book and software for conducting face-to-face auctions.  The authors publish an email newsletter; to subscribe, send a request to (Email announcement 1/5/01)

Offers online auctions for charities and consulting and other services in support of charity-auction fundraising. (Website 5/11/00)


Offers links for shopping at many online stores.  Members may designate an organization to receive payments based on purchases or allow these benefits to go to Big Brothers/Big Sisters.  Requires members to supply the name and address of the designated organization when it is not already in the database. (Email 11/10/00) Note:  Apparently markets by unsolicited commercial email (often called "spam" and widely despised.); on 9/11/01 the editor received three identical email messages urging me to "investigate" this service, sent to three different email addresses and apparently "from" three different senders. I have disabled the automatic link to this website as a signal of my disapproval of this marketing technique.  --PB


Offers referral fees to nonprofits whose members shop at the site. (Email 10/27/02)


Publisher of The Raiser's Edge desktop software.  Offers RE:NetSolutions, a platform of e-services, including online giving, e-mail campaigns, directory publishing and event registration. RE:NetDonors, which enables nonprofits to implement a secure donation page on their Web sites, is the core offering in the RE:NetSolutions suite. (Email, 4/10/01)


"BlueStep's configurable software gives customers the Internet infrastructure to deliver information, manage projects, and share real-time computing power across an organization via any Web browser[fl]regardless of complexity, size, or location." Formerly  (From email 7/17/01).


Effective on Monday, March 31,2003 all Affiliate Programs for Non-Profit Organizations has ended. (email message) offers your supporters the ability to shop for name-brand products while providing the organization with continuous royalties. is 100% revenue accountability, monthly checks with no minimums, product updates and promotions to build and maintain site traffic.  (Advertisement 3/27/00.)

Buy For Charity

An online mall that returns a portion of purchase receipts to charities. (Email announcement, 7/17/02)


A charity-shopping service.

Canada Helps

A website that states its mission as "To encourage philanthropy in Canada through the effective use and sharing of technology."  Charges no fees for processing donations (except the credit-card processing fee). (From the website, 1/16/01)


Online service that allows individual users to order customized merchandize (tee-shirts, mugs, backpacks, etc) bearing artwork supplied by organizations. The owner of the artwork sets the prices and receives payment from CafePress for anything received above the "base price" for each item sold (base prices are lower when large quantities are sold). There are no setup fees or minimum charges (though the proceeds are forfeited if the total amount due the organizations does not exceed $10 in six months). is a privately held, venture-backed company founded in August 1999; located in San Leandro, California.

Canadian Government

Community Storefronts has been created by the Canadian federal government to encourage  use of the Internet for electronic transactions of all kinds, commercial as well as charitable. currently has 25 nonprofit organizations accepting donations.


Care4Free is a UK-based organization, "a free Internet Service Provider (ISP) for people who care. Our mission is to provide a wide array of free benefits to charities and organisations in the caring and non-profit making sector. We aim to achieve this by allowing good causes of all sizes to harness the power of the Internet for communications and fundraising. We are unique in that a proportion of 75% of profits go directly to registered charities. And, since any individual can choose Care4free as their free Internet provider, funds are raised everytime that person goes on-line." (From "about" on the care4free website. 12/9/99)


According to email received by customers in January 2001, CareBar is no longer in business.  On 1/19/01, the welcome page on the website appeared, however, to be functioning normally.

Catholic Giving

A charity mall focused on supporting Catholic churches and causes.  "The established merchant reward percentages are displayed in our Merchant Directory. Most of the reward will be directed to the customer's chosen organization. A small portion of the reward will be directed to the affiliate Archdiocese or Diocese to help support struggling churches, schools and various programs. In the case of Catholic Organizations not affiliated with an Archdiocese or Diocese, the entire reward will be forwarded to the chosen Catholic Organization." (From the website 12/23/00)


Offers charities a link to ongoing auctions of brand name merchandise with a rebate of part of the purchase price if the winning bid is placed through the charity.  Also provides facilities for charities to run their own auctions online. (Email 2/13/01)

CBID.ORG ; (apparently not fuctioning 4/28/00)

non profit auctions.

Interactive Celebrity Internet Auctions for Charities. A service of TEN97 (q.v.)

Censure and Move On

Grassroots campaign -- which began as an online effort to support the censure of President Clinton -- has generated $13 million in online pledges and signed up 500,00 "volunteers" for the cause.

Changing Our World

Mike Hoffman & Associates offer iCampaigns, "a new way of fundraising that combines professional campaign management and web technology." (From the website, 12/15/99)


Fidelity Investments allows owners of assets held in Fidelity accounts to make transfers into the Charitable Gift Fund (a Fidelity service) and direct disbursements to charitable organizations using a World-Wide Web interface.

Charitable Way

Announced in late February 2001 that it would cease operations in March. launched its public web site in October 1999 featuring information and ways to donate to charities over the Internet. It builds customized, electronic Workplace Giving Centers for companies and nonprofit organizations who offer workplace giving programs as well as flexible ways for companies to include philanthropy in their business models. By putting in place a powerful technology-based infrastructure and partnering with charitable organizations, Charitableway has introduced a powerful system to connect businesses with their communities. (Email 4/14/00.)


"The Chariteam service allows participants [in fundraising events] to build a personal web page, send email invitations, draw visitors to the page, and accept secure online donations." (From the webpage, 8/12/01)


CharitEx combines the power of e-commerce and fully integrated financial services in a model designed specifically for charities. Offers online donation processing and asset management services.  (Announced in Rick Christ's newsletter 1/25/01)

Charities Today

Provides comprehensive and analytical information about charities to potential donors and other supporters.

"I wanted to post a brief informational message to let you know that Canada's first donor-driven charity portal will be launching at the end of the month. We're doing a cross country tour starting tomorrow to introduce ourselves to charities. Please visit our site at or contact us at (416) 593-4240 if you would like more information." (Email on NONPROFIT from 4/3/00)

Discusses and offers an opportunity to donate to support selected charities and causes. (From the website, 1/16/01)


Offers several "causeways" for different kinds of support to qualifying nonprofits, which must meet certain criteria in order to be listed on the site. (From the website, 2/11/01)


A Kentucky-based organization.


An organization that helps charities that qualify for the Combined Federal Campaign work together to increase donations through that channel and in other ways (including a website). (From the website, 3/23/01)


Online donation processor (per email comment 4/27/00).


(Started the website 12/19/99; no longer operating 2/21/02)


CharityFinders offers "NonprofitSite123," an online tool that enables any nonprofit to build an e-philanthropy website in just a few hours, with no training or technical skills required. The website can offer many features, including event registration, volunteer sign-up, donation and membership processing. NonprofitSite123 can leverage a nonprofit's existing website or create a brand new one. (Email 6/21/04)


A car-donation service in the Rochester, NY, area. (From email discussion, 10/2/01)


A free auction service designed to help raise money for charity (per the website, 5/4/00).  Buyers are charged a premium on every purchase; 50% of this premium is given to the seller's designated charity.


"Generosity in now being offered in a to-go box with the opening of Charitygift, an online company that makes it simple and easy to recognize friends, colleagues and clients with a donation to a worthwhile cause in their honor.  Charitygift is an entirely new gift category, offering a convenient alternative to the seemingly useless gifts being exchanged year after year. A Charitygift can be used to honor a friend, family member or colleague; demonstrate support for someone raising money to benefit a special cause, or pay tribute to a lost loved one." (From a press release on the site, 12/19/99)


Invites purchases which will result in contributions to a short list of well-known charities in Britain.



Charityusa is building a user-submitted search engine/directory of Nonprofits online and Resources for Nonprofits online. It offers free classifieds, a free auction feature for nonprofits, numerous message boards, chat rooms, and so on. It also offers nonprofits a free web page, free, and our own brand of free ISP is coming soon. The goals is to web enable as many nonprofits as possible and empower them to take full advantage of the opportunities online. Also sponsors the "Charity Marketing Alliance" to facilitate online purchase of support services by nonprofits. (From the website; revised 8/29/01)

As of 8/29/01, Charity USA had assumed responsibility for GreaterGood and other associated services such as The Hunger Site.


NOTE: A notice on the website says that the service is not currently accepting new accounts - 10/1/03.

" is a free, charity-support service that makes sure 100 percent of every dollar you donate goes directly to the cause or organization that you want to help. All transaction costs are paid by Wave Systems Corp., so the charities benefit from every single dollar of your contribution. CharityWave guarantees that your personal information is kept secure and confidential, and it protects the privacy of your charitable donation." (From the website. 12/9/99)


"CharityWeb is an e-commerce ASP for charities. Charities using our service can accept donations, sell their own items, and offer event registration from their Website without having to install, maintain, and customize all the software on their own servers." (Email from company, 6/8/00.)


Processes payments donors make online through the check-clearing system; requests the service charge for  the transaction from the donor so there can be no cost to the recipient organization. (From the website, 3/27/01.  Thanks to Carol Simpson for CharityChoices for the pointer to this service.)

Cherrydale Farms

The online "mega mall" of a supplier of fundraising candy and other good for schools, sports teams, etc. (Email request for listing 6/20/01)

Children's Charities of America

Provides a portal site where donors can find national children's charities they wish to support.  Donations can be made online to any charity via check, credit card, or gift of stock.  CCA is a membership organization that reviews and certifies its members annually.  In addition to its web site, CCA places its members into workplace employee fund drives, the largest being the Combined Federal Campaign for federal employees.

Church Giving

Appears to be closely related to Catholic Giving but the program does not include the feature that part of the revenue generated by purchases will be sent to the supervising diocese or other more general organization. (From the website, 12/23/00)



Provides "such tools as total web management, calendar of events, payment processing for a 4% fee, and donor/member tracking systems." (From the website, 9/3/02)


See Netcentives.


On-line donor data-base management service. (From the Chronicle of Philanthropy, 6/14/01)

Commerce Science Corporation

"Commerce Science an E-commerce Service Provider offering a new concept in Internet marketing -- customizable, income-producing, private-label Internet stores. This model creates a business partnership between suppliers (Vendors) and companies and organizations....(Resellers) seeking supplemental revenue and enhanced benefits for their customers, employees, and/or members. Participating Resellers, such as those noted below, become e-commerce enabled, and enjoy...commission or royalty income while simultaneously boosting constituent loyalty and morale." (Website 9/27/03)

Community Bids allows organizations to hold on-line auction fundraisers and is a great way to raise money and have fun! Fast and simple to set up, this full-service site will walk you through the whole process of holding an on-line auction.

Conservation and Preservation Charities of America

Provides a portal site where donors can find national environmental charities they wish to support.  Donations can be made online to any charity via check, credit card, or gift of stock.  CPCA is a membership organization that reviews and certifies its members annually.  In addition to its web site, CPCA places its members into workplace employee fund drives, the largest being the Combined Federal Campaign for federal employees.

Conscious Change


Constant Contact

A full-featured email-distribution system with monthly fees based on the number of names on a list (from free for under 50 to $250 for up to 50,000). (Information Systems Forum user comment, 8/13/02.)

Consumer Saints

An on-line shopping mall that allows users to raise money for the charity of their choice. Just for stopping by, users automatically receive $3. Users can shop at over 200+ stores including Real-Time statistics and payment monitors allow the users to see exactly how their money is being sent. (Email from Consumer Saints staff on 1/6/00)

Contact Zone

Software to update and correct contact information in Microsoft Outlook; verifies street addresses, adds ZIP+4 codes, corrects misspellings, updates area codes, and appends geographic data. (Email 4/3/03)

" works quietly and invisibly behind the scenes to enable your donors to make contributions from your web site. We custom build an online payment form to match the look and feel of your existing web site. It looks just like you had created it yourself." A processing fee is charged, reported to be 5% with a maximum of $50 (on a $1000 gift).  (From the website, 12/15/99; updated from email discussion 8/7/01)


"...a fully-customizable ecommerce application which enables your existing web presence to collect online financial contributions." (From the website, 1/3/01)


Convio provides online Constituent Relationship Management (eCRM) tools and services that help nonprofits and higher education institutions to attract, motivate and retain constituents for fundraising, membership, advocacy and other support. Convio[radical]s product suite includes modules for Web content management, email marketing, general fundraising and membership, advocacy, events, volunteer fundraising, directories and online surveys. The Convio platform shares data among all product modules and with offline databases, giving nonprofits a unified view of each constituent so staff can conduct more personalized and targeted marketing. (Email notice received 4/24/03)


Provides e-giving solutions for workplace campaigns in Fortune 1000 companies.  Formerly known as All Chairities. (Rick Christ newsletter story 9/21/00)

Count Me In

Count Me In provides online registration and prepayment services for teams, clubs, associations, training providers, etc. For organizers, Count Me In provides database and program management tools. Administrative burdens are significantly reduced through the elimination of paper processing and transcription tasks. The Count Me In service, including website hosting and ongoing customer support, is provided at no cost to organizations. The service is funded through participant transaction fees. Count Me In is designed for non-technical users.

Nonprofit organizations can present a profile of their organization and cause; and donors will be able to come online, research the charities, and make an online donation.   CreateHope also provides e-commerce capabilities to non-profits for their own web sites. (From email 12/17/99) Also offers "Giving Station" for combined campaigns and employer online donation services (website 1/4/05).

Creative Computer Services

Product line included TradeWinds (total e-Commerce for associations, formerly AMSLink) and Aloha (Membership Management for budget minded associations, formerly MMS). (From the website, 8/23/01)


Comprehensive meeting registration services including options for automated email marketing, confirmations and surveys, payment processing, travel and hotel arrangements, etc. (Seminar in Seattle, 3/27/03)


A shopping service featuring named nonprofit organizations and online merchants. Appears to be affiliated with


Allows donations to selected charities.


A philanthropy Web site that streamlines the grant application and grantmaking process for not-for-profit organizations and corporate and private foundations.  Foundations can now establish an immediate, free Web presence that lists their grant guidelines, mission statement and other pertinent background information, and obtain a free 30-day trial of the system's robust Web-based grants management software.  Nonprofits can access CyberGrants free of charge to research grant guidelines and create, maintain and submit online proposals directly to member foundations.  (Adapted from a press release dated 12/16/99.)

The Data Bank



Formerly a website for environmental causes affiliated with the eGrants project of the Tides Foundation. The domain is now used by Denalisoft. (Updated 6/21/01 at the request of Denalisoft.)

Denari Online

An online version of desktop donor management software. (Advertisement in 5/15/00 Nonprofit Times.) is a free online resource for fund raising professionals including: nonprofit information resources; a national job bank; and the opportunity to network with development peers.  (e mail received 2/27/01)

Do Unto Others

Provides a portal site where donors can find national and international relief and development charities they wish to support.  Donations can be made online to any charity via check, credit card, or gift of stock.  DUO is a membership organization that reviews and certifies its members annually.  In addition to its web site, DUO places its members into workplace employee fund drives, the largest being the Combined Federal Campaign for federal employees.


Developers of "Associant" software designed for associations and nonprofits.  Modules include conference, online payments processing, content management for websites, and communications tools.  (Flyer received in the mail, 7/1/01.)

Dollar-A-Day Campaign

No longer operating 4/26/02. (Launched about 6/8/00.)


Not operating 7/11/03. Announced in 2000 with the goal of offering listings of donated goods and pro bono services.

An application service provider. " is designed to help your organization take credit card donations directly through a link from your website. With a browser interface you can manage items, change donation options and check reports. By employing different features you can collect donations, tribute gifts, event registration, membership or item sales. A variety of templates integrate fundraising into your site. In operation since 1997,'s corporate name is Conscious Change." (From email 3/25/02)


See Groundspring

"The DonateNow button provides a simple, cost-effective and easy way for nonprofits to process credit card donations directly through their web site." Version 2.0 announced in September 2003. (Postal mail [!] 9/25/03)

"At we make charitable giving convenient, rewarding and smart. We partner with companies, organizations and portals to provide their users with a secure and effective way to donate to charitable organizations and causes online." (Email 11/20/00)


" offers non-profit organizations secure online donation forms that can be customized to match the look and feel of each organization's web site. The donation forms are integrated with online payment gateways to achieve real-time credit card processing." There is a flat fee for the account and the conventional percentage processing fees for transactions as they occur. (Email 6/5/02)


"Our mission at Donation Depot is to ... empower individuals, companies, and nonprofit organizations to give, receive, and manage electronic donations.(Email 11/20/01; revised by email sent 11/5/01)

Invites visitors to donate an item which will be auctioned online with the proceeds going to a charity the donor names.  Offers other fundraising mechanisms, including sales of new items that generate royalties, etc. (Gleaned from the website, 1/20/00)

Donations in Memory of

This one-page site accepts donations in memory of people (paid by credit card) and forwards them by mail to any named charity for a fixed fee.


Assists 501(c)(3)s with linking to an online mall with numerous retailers classified by nationality and merchandise categories; the mall pays affiliate marketing fees based on shopping done by the charities' supporters.  (From the website, 7/27/01)

Donation Tree

" is an online shopping portal where merchants rebate a portion of each purchase to the shopper. The shopper can allocate their rebate towards a college savings plan, their kid[radical]s school, or donate to charity/non-profit. Purchases can made online through our website or with the DonationTree Shopper, our exclusive reminder plugin. works with over 130 brand name merchants." Press release, 12/13/02


"We are a membership based website specifically designed for the fundraising executive at nonprofit organizations. We have been in business for over 20 years and our website has been in existence for over 4 years. We currently have over 7,000 members and an electronic newsletter that is sent out to over 24,000 subscribers. We focus primarily on prospect research and lead generation." (Email 7/7/04)


an Internet consulting and Web development company specializing in helping nonprofit organizations use the Internet for fundraising, marketing, and advocacy. works with large and medium size nonprofits to help them use e-mail and the Web  (From "About" on the website, 12/18/99)

DonorLink IT

No longer offered Spring 2004. A high end relationship management tool built and priced for nonprofits. (Announcement, 6/8/00.)


A web-delivered relationship management system designed to help nonprofits build sustained donor relationships. (Press release, 3/21/01) A product



No longer operating 7/24/04

DonorPerfect Online

An online version of this established product allows access over the web to "complete donor and prospect records, memberships, special events, pledge processing, gift management, personalized communications and extensive reporting capabilities." (Email announcement 6/19/03) is a full service e-donation solution developed by Merkle Direct Marketing, Inc. to benefit nonprofit organizations seeking to offer the donor population a quick, secure and cost effective way for donating on-line through the Internet. (From the website 5/31/00)


"DoTheGood matches qualified nonprofits with people who want to invest their time and money in good organizations. DoTheGood then makes this investment as easy as buying books or music online." (From the website, 3/23/01)


:: but see

A shopping site that offers rebates and other benefits to both schools and nonprofits; has changed its name to Helpnetworks. (11/30/99)


See Groundspring


The popular online auction site (in collaboration with MissionFish) offers facilities for nonprofits to use eBay for fundraising campaigns and (when appropriate) sell in-kind gifts.


eBigPicture is a all-encompassing web presence management suite for associations and similar organizations. It facilitates information flow, collaboration, e-commerce and member management. A modular product design allows organizations the ability to pick and choose the tools needed to meet their specific business needs. (Email notice May 2003)


No longer operating, 1/8/02. Offers advertiser-supported facilities for accepting donations online at no charge to donor or charity (except for routine bank credit-card fees, deducted from the gift).  Offers other fee-based services to assist with online and other forms of fundraising.  Created a website to raise funds for disaster relief: 

ECHO, Inc.

Processes credit card and check donations online securely using the MerchantAmerica Donation Program. No setup fee, $19.95/month. Credit cards: 2.21% discount rate, $0.30 transaction fee. Online checks: $0.35 check processing fee, no discount rate. For any month without transactions, the monthly fee is not charged. Allows an unlimited number of donation funds and fundraising products. (Email 3/5/03)

Reported (7/23/01) to have declared chapter 11 bankruptcy as part of a transition that will lead to acquisition by VoteNet. VoteNet's management said in a press release "The eContributor products and services will continue to operate, as usual, during and after this transition. Contracts will remain in effect, secure online transactions will be processed, deposits will be made, and reports will be sent. It is anticipated that the acquisition will be complete by September 2001." (8/12/01)  " is your source for fundraising and volunteers on the Web. We are the standard for online solicitation. We deliver a secure and creative ecommerce solution for those who take financial and grassroots development seriously."  (From the website, 1/21/00) Has an option for sending greeting cards that make a donation in the recipients name. (Email 3/22/01)

Educate America!

Provides a portal site where donors can find national education charities they  wish to support.  Donations can be made online to any charity via check,  credit card, or gift of stock.  EA! is a membership organization that reviews  and certifies its members annually.  In addition to its web site, EA! places  its members into workplace employee fund drives, the largest being the  Combined Federal Campaign for federal employees.

Efficient Fundraising

Extends the idea of door-to-door (or family and friends) product sales for a cause to use email and a website. (From the website, 7/24/01)


Apparently no longer operating as of 11/01. The website is visible, but many of its features do not function. The slogan on the website is "Reconnecting Commerce and Community.  Why would you shop any other way."  Sets up malls for nonprofits and shares commissions. Offers other charity-related commerce services, including auctions. (5/2/00)


A platform for conducting online sales of used books, CDs, DVDs, etc. eFundraise handles all the details, including collecting shipping charges, and remits the amount paid by the purchasers less 15% of the purchase price to the nonprofit conducting the funddrive. (email 8/26/04)

A version of a charity portal with an emphasis on linking small businesses with nearby nonprofits. (Website 5/16/00)  In short, patrons can: surf the web and give a penny to their favorite school or charity with each search; shop online and give up to 20% of every purchase, at no extra cost; and send email through a free Email That Gives account and earn a penny for every message sent. Participating organizations can also earn $1 for each new email account. (announcement 6/14/00)

eGiving International

Based in London, UK, eGiving assists with donations to a limited list of charities.  (Launch announced 9/27/00)

Egiving Systems

Electronic funds transfer for ministries and other Christ-centered organizations; a reseller of CheckFree services. (Email and website, 9/27/03)


See Groundspring

Changed its name to Groundspring in 2003. is the first nonprofit-run service to combine the power of Internet marketing with grantmaking know-how. " is redefining philanthropy by creating an immediate technological link between prospective donors and progressive nonprofits," said China Brotsky, executive director of the new Internet foundation. "Now organizations of all sizes can use the same electronic resources deployed by businesses to reach a new generation of Internet-savvy supporters and raise more funds." (From a 10/13/99 press release.)

Electronic Funds Corporation

"Many charities, non-profit organizations and churches have found that accepting donations via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) is not only less expensive, and time consuming but gives a much greater dollar return than conventional old ways of receiving donations." (From a press release.)


A printing and mailing service set up to receive the necessary materials through the website.  (Ad in the Nonprofit Times, June 2000.)


See Groundspring Not-for-Profit Newsstand Network

Created especially for not-for-profit organizations and school groups, this internet fundraising program enables you to offer magazine subscriptions to your supporters at low, discount prices. Choose the magazines you want to offer, include the links we provide on your website, and earn 21% on every subscription. There is no charge to participating  nonprofits.  (Email from 3/9/00.)


Provides tools to produce and publish highly customized html newsletters. Offers companion microsites, a suite of Web-based subscription management tools, and back-end analytics to track results. Pricing starts at $50 per month for 1,000 messages. (Website, 9/27/03)


Provides "fundraising services including donation processing and reporting, membership and renewal management, seminar/workshop registration and professional outreach services." (From the website 8/20/01)


"ePly Services Inc. creates online forms to efficiently collect event registrations and survey replies. Information from the forms is automatically compiled in a database, providing up to date summaries and reports that event organizers and survey administrators access via the internet." (Email 8/21/03)


No longer operating 7/13/04.

"You can now offer your web visitors high quality promotional merchandise featuring your logo/art. We create the store, link it to your site,take the orders,notify you,create the product,ship it and send you 50% of the money." (email advertisement 3/29/00)  "The cost for setting up your epromo store is usually $99.00 and the monthly operating and management fee is $19.95." (From the website.)

" provides participating nonprofits with a free online shopping mall. When people use this mall for their online shopping the organization earns money from commissions and referral fees. The provided mall has over 120 different merchants (It will be 250 by Christmas 2002) including many of the best know names on the Internet. Shoppers pay the same price they would pay if they went directly to the participating merchant and often receive extra savings from coupons or other special offers. Participation in the program is free and take less time and effort than most fundraisers." (email announcement 11/6/02)


An online tool that helps event planners manage invitations and guest responses. (email 7/19/00)

e-Service Quarterly

The e-Service Qu@rterly is a multi-disciplinary journal aimed at publishing high-quality, original, innovative, peer-reviewed research about the design, delivery and impact of electronic services rendered using a variety of computing and communication technologies.  The journal combines both private sector and public sector perspectives regarding electronic services and thus bridges e-Business and e-Government. To be published starting in the Fall of 2000 by Indiana University Press. (From an announcement dated 11/23/99)


"The eScrip program...allows participating merchants to contribute a percentage of... grocery loyalty cards, credit card, and debit/ ATM card purchases to the school or organization of... choice." (From the website 2/11/01)

eTapestry is a complete fundraising and donor management system that is run over the Internet. With access from any Internet connection, complete communications capabilities, and all maintenance and backups handled by eTapestry, it offers solutions for organizations of all types and sizes. Offers in cooperation with Sentient (per press release 4/3/01) a system for providing online receipts that satisfies Canada's requirement for a uniquely identifiable documents.


Not specific to the nonprofit sector, but worth looking into by any organization that wants to build an online store and accept credit cards at the site.  (Mentioned in email 6/11/00.)


On-line event management tools. (announcement 8/23/00)

Excess Access

"The Excess Access service links business and household item donations with nonprofit wish lists and suggested local delivery companies." (From the website, 12/15/99.)  Other services are offered as well. There is a $5.00 registration fee every six month to participate in the surplus property exchange.


An online shopping mall that distributes 100% of the commission it receives from online merchants to participating charitable organizations. (Email 10/11/02)

Fourth Bridge Fourth Bridge provides non-profit organizations with a comprehensive suite of integrated Internet-based solutions and a high level of customer support to help them achieve their program, organizational and financial goals with reduced effort and at lower costs. (Adapted from the website, 6/27/01)

Free Donation

A click-to-give site that invites charities to apply to be recipients. (From the website 5/31/01)


A website where people and organizations can announce items or services they are willing to give to nonprofits and nonprofits can post wish lists for things they need.  (Fax announcement 6/6/00. No longer operating 1/14/04)

Charities sell magazine subscriptions via their own  "Internet Newsstand" as a fund raising mechanism (template, script, etc.,  provided by  "Friends Who Give"


Donor (and alumni, with AlumniGem) tracking and data maintenance system based on Internet access to files maintained on a central server.  (From website, 8/15/01)

Funding Engine

Provides charity mall services to participating nonprofit organizations. (From the website, 8/27/01)

The Funding Exchange

"A network of community-based foundations throughout the United States...committed to change not charity." (From the website, 1/31/02.)


Funding For All "provides a tailored portal, which incorporates the organization's Web site, for members and supporters to use as a home page with the goals of increasing communications, attracting sponsorships and to leading visitors to Shop to Share, where purchases generate donations for the organization. Online donations can also be incorporated." (email 4/18/03)

Funding Pool

"Funding Pool provides information, consulting services, and online tools to the four key groups engaged in Internet philanthropy: private foundations, businesses, individuals, and non-profit organizations." (From the website 8/13/01) (No longer operating 9/17/03)


"The Source For Fund-Raising Information on the Internet." Ideas, products, resources all about fundraising. (Per NicheNet Inc, 12/12/99)

The Fundraiser

"My company creates online global malls for your non-profits website. You can make money all year round with your web site visitors purchasing items from your global mall. These malls are custom for your site they are branded with your site's name and everything. We manage the mall for you so you guys don't have to do anything but promote it within your organization." From Christopher Kren, 10/2/99.

"Great Deals For Great Causes."  Turn donated merchandise into cash through an online auction. Also allows individuals and companies to donate goods to your group online. Free service. (Per NicheNet, 12/12/99)

Fundraising Bank

A mutual advertising resource for firms offering various sorts of fundraising products and services. (Website 1/16/01)

Fundraising Ideas


Lots of products and other materials for use in fundraising projects by schools and similar organizations.  Includes a "do it yourself" section with free or low-cost ideas that don't require any purchases. (Email notice, 10/15/01)

A subscription site that connects users with fundraising advice and counsel from seven consulting firms. (Email 4/24/01)


A project of (email 6/23/00)

FundRover provides a self-service, self-administrated, online collection website used to accept Visa or Mastercard for donations. Non-profit organizations can set up their customized service in minutes at no cost. Transaction fees are claimed to be lower than many of the other services.

Fund$Raiser Cyberzine

Future Focus

Future Focus has created Instant Web Pages for planned giving - a breakthrough in quick, economical and professional fund raising web pages. Charities, schools and universities that have had a planned giving web site for a year or more report remarkable inquiries and stories as to gifts received (five and six figure gifts!) directly and solely as a result of their web pages. Future Focus uses an approach consistent with those sites that have demonstrated success in attracting inquiries and gifts. They use an emotional appeal using true stories of the heartfelt response donors feel that transcends tax credits. (From Dick Kellogg of Future Focus 11/1/99.)


GaZoom is an Internet company which has developed a membership kit that charitable  organizations can sell for a profit. Your supporters receive $200.00 worth of value  for $20.00, and once they register on-line, they begin to receive "deals" relevant to their needs, which are sent directly to their home or business e-mail address. (Althought the website is still active, GaZoom does not appear to be in operation; 1/14/04)


"GetActive Software[radical]s range of online services will also reflect the new company identity. The company[radical]s web-based list and database management offerings will be called GetActive Community[Y[delta]], the online email creation, sending, and tracking functionality will be called GetActive Messaging[Y[delta]], and the three-way e-activism tool will be called GetActive Advocacy[Y[delta]]. Together, these products make up the GetActive Suite[Y[delta]]." Changed its name from LocusPocus in April 2001. (From the name change announcement, 4/19/01)


Online services to support planned giving programs.  Charges a fixed annual fee.  (Email mention and website, 5/26/00.)


Customers can donate their spare change to charity. (Merged with an organization that offers no fundraising facilities.)


GiftTool provides integrated web-delivered e-commerce and marketing services that are specifically designed for Associations and Non-Profit Organizations. GiftTool services include secure online donations; event registrar; membership management; shopping cart; online surveys / tests / ballots; newsletter & email marketing campaigns; and discussion forums. (Email 11/6/03)

Give On-Line

(No longer operating, 9/17/03)

Give a Share

In the process of closing down due to lack of financing, though the website continues to operate. (email from company, 6/15/01)  Facilitates gifts of stock to nonprofit organizations. (Website visited 1/18/01)'

Operated by Independent Givers of America. "IGA is an IRS-recognized, nonprofit tax-exempt charitable organization whose mission is to bring together generous people and deserving causes, principally but not exclusively by developing workplace-based and internet-based systems that reduce the cost and increase the productivity of charitable solicitation, and by making those systems available to both charities and contributors." (From the website, 11/13/00)

GiveForChange gives people an easy way to make online donations to causes they care about. There are over 280 groups on the site in 11 different categories, including the environment, children & family, human rights and economic justice. is responding to the needs of nonprofit groups to develop new, lower-cost alternatives to expensive fundraising events or direct mail campaigns. It also puts smaller, lesser-known nonprofits on an equal footing with larger nonprofits, allowing all the same exposure and fundraising opportunities. All GiveForChange donations are processed by, a subsidiary of the Tides Foundation, which has a 20 year track record in supporting nonprofits working for social change. (Email from GiveForChange 1/6/00.)

Are you a nonprofit? If you want to add to your fundraising without adding to your name to combine the power of the Internet with what we believe is everyone's instinct to help those who really need it. (A new service, expected to be online 1/25/00.  The description is from the preliminary website, exerpted on 1/21/00.) (This URL now links to a company customer-relation management services for working with high net-worth individuals; 9/17/03)


Isle of Man-based online donation processor with support for email campaigns to donors and prospects. Monthly fee plus a percentage of transactions. (Email notice 5/31/03)

A project of the Charities Aid Foundation, AOL Time Warner Foundation and AOL UK, is a portal where donors can support 185,000 registered UK charities by credit or debit card. "For the first £2 million raised, 100% of every donation will go direct to the charity," according to the announcement. Registering and posting information about their activities is free for participating charities. (Announcement published 8/1/02.)

Apparently no longer operating, 1/1/2002. "Enables a "Click Here to Donate" capability directly on the nonprofit's  website. Hundreds of nonprofits using our ecommerce solution are in an  alphabetic and searchable database."


A volunteer-operated US charity that seeks online donations to support projects in India. (Email 6/15/03)


"GivingCapital provides a simple and secure way to donate online. We help nonprofit organizations harness the collaborative power of the Internet to acquire new donors and increase contributions. With our patent-pending technology, donors click a banner on a nonprofit organization[pi]s Web site to make their gift. From straight donations to membership campaigns, to creating a matching or challenge campaign, GivingCapital provides an array of tools to create and monitor campaigns." (email 8/4/00)

The Giving Network

Apparently no longer operating (2/26/04)

An educational site dedicated specifically to nonprofit organizations in the Pacific Northwest and the people who support them. The Giving Network offers comprehensive, analytical information about charities, original content and local news as well as secure online giving, donation administration services, a volunteer registry, an in-kind gift registry, and an event calendar free to qualified nonprofit organizations. The Giving Network has a database of more than 30,000 nonprofit organizations in Washington, Idaho, Oregon and Alaska. Visitors can search for organizations by name, cause, category, or region. Transaction fee of 8% collected on donations designated for participating charities. (12/1/99)

Giving Shop

A charity mall.  (Also successor to (From the website, 12/23/00)

Monitors news and develops links to relief organizations equipped to respond to particular disasters.  Channels donations based on donors' choices among current needs. (From the website, 2/11/01)

Gold Lasso

'e-Loop' offers a broad range of email and web-services to plan execute manage and measure relationships with customers and supporters; fees are based on the volume of messages per month. (From the website, 9/16/03)


Integrated software addressing a wide-range of activities for member-based organizations. (From the website, 8/23/01)


"GotMarketing's Campaigner is a set of web-based email marketing tools that allow you to create, send and measure permission-based email marketing campaigns." Offers a 10% discount to recognized nonprofits. (Email and website, September 2003)

Grant Match is a pro-active U.S. and Canadian internet portal for nonprofits to list their desired grants in a central clearinghouse forum. Nonprofits list a Registration describing their organization and Proposals describing specific grant requests [in dollars or things (e.g.: computers)]. Grantmakers, particularly large foundations, can also list a Registration describing their organization and specifically their areas of interest in funding. Reviewing these listings can reduce nonprofits' inappropriate grant submissions. Consultants such as grant writers, evaluators, fundraisers, attorneys and accountants that service the nonprofit area are also listed. (Email from GrantMatch 11/17/99.)

Grants Direct

Provides information on Maryland foundations and grants.


" is the nation[radical]s largest cause-focused e-commerce company that helps NFP organizations tap into the year-round revenue potential of the fast-growing online shopping market. Based in Seattle, the company generates sustainable new sources of revenue for its not-for profit partners through building, marketing and managing e-commerce [oe]shopping villages" that link from the NFPs[radical] homepages and are branded with each not-for-profit[radical]s own name and graphic identity. The company is committed to adding a charitable giving quotient to the standard online shopping criteria of quality, convenience and service, co-marketing with its partners via the Internet as a means to increase membership and other bases of support. For more information, visit at, or call 888-509-7676." (From a press release dated 9/29/99)

Reported by the Seattle Post-Intelligencer on 7/21/01 to have closed down.  More recently, GreaterGood has been operated as a program of CharityUSA.

As of 8/29/01, being operated by Charity USA.


A subscription service that provides updates on funding announcements and grantmakers' priorities along with other services that are designed to assist grantseekers work efficiently. (Added as a result of online discussions September 2, 2003)


(Formerly eGrants.) An organization created by The Tides Foundation in 1999 to assist nonprofit organizations with fundraising online and related technologies. Publishes DonateNow, EmailNow and eBase software for nonprofits to use in seeking donations and maintaining contacts with stakeholders. (September 2003)


GroupStone provides nonprofit organizations with content management, email marketing and take action tools designed to meet the needs of the nonprofit community. These tools are integrated to allow for back-end reporting, allowing our clients to track what the recipients do with information, determine whether desired actions are taken at your site (and why), and then generate reports that illustrate what's happening online and why. (Edited from the website, 6/26/01)

Health and Medical Research Charities of America

Provides a portal site where donors can find national charities working in the fields of health issues and medical research they wish to support.  Donations  can be made online to any charity via check, credit card, or gift of stock.  HMRCA is a membership organization that reviews and certifies its members annually.  In addition to its web site, HMRCA places its members into workplace employee fund drives, the largest being the Combined Federal Campaign for federal employees.

A mall of over 300 merchants, which donates up to 40% of purchase prices to schools, charities, and other nonprofits that are chosen by shoppers. The service is free. The mall also features a constantly updated page of discounts, coupons, and other bargains that save shoppers money. (Email 3/12/04)

Help By Shopping

Allows consumers to designate an organization from a short list of nonprofits to receive rebates from shopping at several retailers. (From the website, 6/12/01)

Merged into The Network for Good in 2001. At one time, a service of the AOL Foundation, allowed visitors to make donations to any recognized 501(c)(3) that had not opted out of their system, charged no fees (though there was a credit-card processing fee deducted from the donation en route to the recipient), and offered volunteering, technical assistance and other links as well.  The database of recognized charities came from Guidestar (


Offers links to merchants who will make payments to charities or schools selected by the purchaser based on purchases.  Runs shopping malls at and (11/30/99) (announced 1/10/00; not functioning 4/28/00)

A "virtual venue for donor recognition." (email 7/25/00)

Human and Civil Rights Organizations of America

Provides a portal site where donors can find national human rights charities they wish to support.  Donations can be made online to any charity via check, credit card, or gift of stock.  HCROA is a membership organization that reviews and certifies its members annually.  In addition to its web site, HCROA places its members into workplace employee fund drives, the largest  being the Combined Federal Campaign for federal employees.

Humane Benefits

"The Humane Benefits Program was created by Hugs for Homeless Animals (H4HA) to provide support for nonprofit charitable organizations who find it particularly difficult in these current times to find support dollars to help them keep working. By providing this vehicle which allows Charities to take donations on their own websites while allowing others to promote donation-giving to participant organizations in this program, we are hoping that by working together we will successfully help charities keep working." (From the website 6/7/03)

The Hunger Site

Sponsored  by several corporations. For every click on  the "Donate Free Food" button, one of those corporations will make donation  to feed a starving person for one day. You can do this once a day. This is  a form of  advertising for the sponsoring corporations. It gets their name in  front of  you, just the way that a television commercial does.  It does  not cost you anything to make this donation - everything is paid for by the sponsoring corporation.

As of 8/29/01, being operated by Charity USA. The Hunger Site was acquired in 2000 by GreaterGood; in July 2001, GreaterGood ceased operations. 

"Click to Give" Note

There are now quite a lot of sites that use a similar approach to encourage visitors and marshal support for a wide variety of causes. For discussion and a rating service, see

NetAction mentioned a "click-and-give" portal in #56 -- see It allows nonprofits to sign up to receive donations from sponsors based on visitor counts.  


i-Check is a large internet check transaction company.


Apparently no longer operating 1/1/2002. Provides customized services to affinity groups. (The Grantsmanship Center News, Winter 2000.)

Apparently no longer operating 1/1/2002. Offers a variety of services  to charities including the ability to raise funds on-line, distribute  electronic messages, manage mailing lists. ("I donate dot com") provides online and offline support for nonprofit organizations seeking to conduct virtual fundraising auctions. (email 6/26/00)


Facilitates nonprofit clients' interactions with donors and members. (From the website, 9/26/00)

"Turning everyday online shopping into philanthropy."  iGive has developed a processing system which may permit online shoppers ("members") to take tax deductions for charitable donations based on rebates from merchants.  "The salient points -- It's the member's money (it's a rebate), the member is in complete control, the member chooses the cause, the deductibility is subject to the particular status of the taxpayer and the organization the money is donated to, the donation doesn't happen until we send the check, and the process we've invented to make this work on the Internet is patent-pending."  (From Robert Grosshandler, CEO, October 6, 1999)

eCommerce For A Cause - Each group gets their own online shopping mall where 30% - 50% of sales goes back to the group. Also accept online donations and link to your online fundraising auction. (Per NicheNet, 12./12/99)   

Independent Charities of America

ICA's highly trafficked web site is a portal site where donors can find national charities they wish to support.  Charities are categorized by type of service and donations can be made online to any charity via check, credit card, or gift of stock.  ICA is a membership organization that reviews and certifies its members annually.  In addition to its web site, ICA places its  members into workplace employee fund drives, the largest being the Combined Federal Campaign for federal employees.

Infoweb Services

Our systematic approach ensures an effective Internet presence because we take time to define each client's objectives, develop the right solutions, and establish benchmarks to gauge success. The end result is improved processes for nonprofit organizations, interactive communication with their target audiences, and developing online communities of believers and members who actively support their causes. Our web site features a collection of informative articles for nonprofits and associations, including an extensive "Nonprofit FAQ" section on developing an effective Internet Strategy. (Email from company, 4/5/00)

Internet Association Corporation

Website developer with a claimed speciality in creating "online communities."

Internet Campaign Solutions

"Internet Campaign Solutions (ICS) provides comprehensive online fundraising services for nonprofits of all types and sizes. For no set up fee and no monthly fee, nonprofits can securely accept credit cards over your website for a transaction rate of 8%. Using our well-developed fundraising system, nonprofits can do fundraising online with both ease and affordability. ICS provides a range of additional Internet services for nonprofits, including online event registration, volunteer recruitment, website development, Internet consulting, content management tools, database management, research, and other services." (Email announcement 4/2/02.)


" serves as a resource for non-profit professionals involved in or considering online fundraising." "This site, a free service, is published by a division of" (From the website, 2/11/02.)

The domain was originally registered by Allison Schwein, author of the Charity-Mall Report. It stopped being used for that purpose in early 2001.


 Internet Fundraising, Publicity, and Advertising For Progressive Candidates and Causes. (No longer operating 9/17/03)


Offers a shopping service that returns funds to organizations whose supporters utilize the service.  (Email 3/10/2001; no longer operating 1/14/04)

Formerly shop4charity. New features announced 12/22/99: "Now with the addition of electronic greeting cards, every time an individual sends an iReachOut Greetings 10 cents will be donated to the charity specified. Membership is free and members can send as many cards as they like with no cost incurred. In addition to electronic greeting cards, members have access to over 100 brand name merchants who provide a percentage of the cost of online purchases to the charity the buyer selects."

I Sign Up Now

A flexible donation-processing service. (Mentioned in email 5/23/00.) (Now links to Daxko meeting reservation services; 9/17/03)


No longer accepting new customers, 4/26/02. Previous description: Offers a customizable web hosting tool to allow nonprofits to use the Internet to interact with members and the public.  Also provides donor and event data-management through a subscription website. (Email notice 1/26/01)


Presents a fundraising opportunity for daycare centers, pre-schools, and other child- and family-focused organizations. Children's items donated to the organization can be posted to ittybiddy for sale. Organizations have storefront with logo and overview of charter; postings of donated items for auction without charge (with images). Being a non-profit is not required to take advantage of ittybiddy. But non-profit receive a discount of 25% on all ittybiddy fees. (Edited from email, 6/7/04)

I've Been Good

Allows visitors to create personalized gift wish lists that can be forwarded to family and friends. Encourages the inclusion of charitable donations (to a short list of charities) among possible gifts.  Charities wishing to be included among the options must contact the site developers. (From the webpage 11/17/99.)


Comprehensive online financial management and transaction services, including "Compass GS" ( offering a wide range of donation processing, fund management, and other financial tools to nonprofit organizations and foundations. (From the website, 9/29/01)


"The I-Wizard, developed by Web Interactive Solutions (WIS), helps association executives face the constant challenge of improving member services, reducing operational costs, and increasing the value members gain from their association membership. Easy-to-use I-Wizard methodology uses internet communication, web-enabled survey software, and robust database technology to reduce paper handling while increasing the accuracy, timeliness, and participation of membership surveys." One time use from $495; monthly subscriptions from $199. (Website and email, July 2003)

" is a nonprofit service whose mission is to connect people with the charities and causes they care about and to increase overall giving.... We pass through 100% of donations to charities, which reduces fundraising costs for the charities and increases the impact of the donation. Our sponsors pay for all transaction costs and fees." (From the website, 1/26/01)


A "cash register" for non-profits who want to accept donations via the Internet. There is no signup fee, there is no monthly fee, and a merchant account is not required. Participants put a link on their web sites that goes to a  secure online order page on the Kagi web site. A sponsor decides to contribute, they click on the link and provide their payment details. Kagi processes the donation, sends the sponsor an email with your customized message, then sends a copy of the same message to you. Optionally, Kagi can send the sponsor a copy of the receipt via postcard for tax purposes with another customized message. Once a month Kagi sends the donations to you and also sends a database import file with all the donation details that came previously via email. Kagi takes a transaction fee on each donation. (Email from Kagi, 1/28/00) (This URL now links to a shopping site with no program links to nonprofits; 9/17/03)


No longer operating 3/4/02 (perhaps ceased operations in 2000, per a correspondent). (Former description: "Charities can set up their own websites using KickStart's format. The charity will receive 50% of revenues from ads and commissions on shopping, plus a small royalty for each search.")


Kintera is an Internet marketing service provider offering web-based fundraising solutions to nonprofit organizations. Features include administration, development, mail campaigns, reports, contacts and web content to enhance donor recruitment, cultivation and stewardship programs. (Email from Kintera, 7/26/01)

No longer operating 3/2/02. (Former description: "Provides small ads that can be attached to the bottom of email.  When the ads result in a sale, the sender's chosen nonprofit organization receives a payment from the advertiser.  There are also referral fees for signing up new members.  (From the website, 6/7/00.)"


See the Martin Resource Group below.

Local Independent Charities of America

Provides a portal site where donors can find local charities they wish to support.  LIC currently provides listings in 12 states, but we are eager to add more to our list.  Charities are categorized by type of service and donations can be made online to any charity via check, credit card, or gift of stock.  In addition to its web site, charities can apply to join LIC to participate in workplace employee fund drives, the largest being the Combined Federal Campaign for federal employees.


Member Supported Organizations (MSOs) spend vast amounts of resources to build relationships with donors. assists member-supported organizations build relationships with donors using a web-based platform. Integrating e-commerce and e-communication functions, our suite of six applications enables secure online fundraising, direct email marketing, member profiling, online event management, e-surveying, and online membership activation. (adapted from email 8/10/00)

Locus Pocus

Changed its name 4/01 to GetActive.

Low Country Gives

A shopping portal and consulting service focused on nonprofits in the tidewater area of North Carolina. (From website visit 6/20/00.)


MaestroWeb integrates an online event management system with the company's charity auction and golf tournament packages. Three-, six- and twelve-month contract pricing. (12/1/03)

Maguire/Maguire, Inc.

A marketing consulting firm that offers nonprofit association management services, workplace campaign management, and Internet services.  Internet services include the "Give Button" which allows a charity to use a standard or custom donation form to accept donations from their web site.  Donations can be made via check, credit card, or gifts of stock.  The form includes a  section for a donor to offer their gift in memory of or in honor of a special person, and allows the notification letter to be sent to a third party. Donors and charities are notified immediately via email of the donation.  The transaction fee is 7.5%.

Provides charities and non-profits with a fast, easy and secure way of accepting donations over the Internet. Through, your organization can begin accepting donations through your own web site in less than one week. No software to purchase, no initial investment and setup is free. Fees are based on transaction volume, not a percentage of amounts. (Email 4/7/00, 4/28/00)


Offers a "communications management system" managed over the WWW; web, email and newsletters that enhance relations with supporters and facilitate donations. (Email 1/18/05)

Martin Resource Group

Fee based website for organizations seeking sponsorships for events.  "A virtual sales  effort that connects you directly with sponsors who are informed buyers."

Matching Gifts .com

An online resource dedicated to the understanding, promotion, and tracking of matching gifts offered by hep development services. The firm has provided matching gift information to non-profits throughout North America for the past 11 years. (From the website, 1/25/01)

Build membership and collect dues/donations/data, etc.. Automated (user friendly) cyber-forms allow your (United States Only) nonprofit organizations to except Visa, MasterCard, AmericanExpress, and bank-checks online for a fraction of the cost of other such sites or shopping carts.  This service is provided by the eServices Corporation  Toll Free: 877-866-4848. (No longer operating 9/17/03)


An online membership management and directory service. (Promotional mailing, Oct. '01)


Membership services MS Access customization with email capabilities. (Not an Application Services Provider but conventional locally operated software.) Email 7/11/03.

Military, Veterans & Patriotic Service Organizations of America

Provides a portal site where donors can find national charities with a military emphasis they wish to support.  Donations can be made online to any charity via check, credit card, or gift of stock.  MVPSOA is a membership organization that reviews and certifies its members annually.  In addition to its web site, MVPSOA places its members into workplace employee fund drives, the largest being the Combined Federal Campaign for federal employees.


A nonprofit affiliated with the Points of Light Foundation and operating in cooperation with Ebay, the online auction site, MissionFish allows sellers to donate the proceeds from auction sales to designated nonprofits and nonprofits to sell surplus or donated goods to support their work. Founded in 2000 as a for-profit company; converted to nonprofit status in 2002. (From the Website, 2/15/04)

No longer operating 8/22/01; domain name is for sale. is a free membership-based organization that pays its members to receive targeted e-mail advertisements. It offers several fundraising programs for non-profits. Non-profits can  link to and receive $1.25 for every person who becomes a member through that link. (e-mail from, 2/29/00.)

No longer operating. (3/19/01)


Announced a name change to BlueStep on 7/17/01.


For a monthly retainer, clients receive personalized advice about fundraising by email. (From the website, 6/11/00.)<font> (No longer operating 9/17/03)


Advice and suggestions for grassroots organizations and donors, delivered with attitude. (Email announcement 1/19/01)

"Their business model is to build a newsy homepage for groups with large constituencies, and then split the "affiliate" income. They already do "vanity" email and provide online community tools. All for free. They say they are going to add online giving and other services." (— Adam Corson-Finnerty in email, 6/11/00)

National Car Donation Processing Center

Offers to arrange for pickup of donated vehicles and process all necessary paperwork in all 50 states. (From the website, 5/11/00)


Offers "customer loyalty" rewards for online activities, including donations. The ClickRewards program allows participants to donate the incentives they receive for online activities to charity.

Network for Good

An extension of, the Network for Good is a comprehensive website for nonprofits and people interested in nonprofits and their work. It includes a facility that allows any nonprofit listed in the Guidestar database (see to accept donations online at no cost (the credit-card processing fees and other charges are absorbed by the sponsors of the site). The learn how to use this service, see

New Tithing

"Newtithing Group is a philanthropic research organization committed to increasing charitable giving, personal fulfillment, and the productivity of donations to the non-profit sector... Our extensive financial research of IRS data and national wealth suggests that well-off individuals can comfortably afford to donate to charity hundreds of billions of additional dollars each year [fl] while barely affecting their net worth." (From the webpage.)

NextEvent, NextGift, NextMember

Online ticketing and registration for churches, schools, universities, theatres, and nonprofit associations. (Email 2/26/04)

 10% of sales to charities they choose

The Nonprofit Advocate

My site,, provides information to NPO's.  My newsletter, available from the site, provides direct info on how to raise money on the web. (No longer operating 9/17/03)

Website hosting and donation processing services for nonprofits. Gifts are deposited directly to the customer's account. Also offers assistance with disposing of surplus-property. A division of Skagit Media ( (Website visit, 2/12/04)

The Non-Profit Shopping Mall

14-page shopping mall with over 70 merchants.  70% of the total mall commissions paid  to organizations.  Non-binding agreement.

Nonprofit System

A comprehensive site management system by DreamMaker Studios that includes donations, volunteer managements, event sign-up, and group email tools. (From the website, 1/8/02)

Nonprofit Zone

Announced  to CYBERGIFTS, 4/30/00; no longer operating 1/19/00.

Online Fundraising Resources Center

The Online Fundraising Resources Center offers materials based on the work of Adam Corson-Finnerty and Laura Blanchard in developing online fundraising strategies for organizations and offering training and technical assistance on the topic.  For example, Laura Blanchard announced (4/5/01) "I have all my class handouts for the one-day course I teach up on the web at"

"Provides nonprofits with a dynamic electronic service for accepting internet donations, one-to-one communications & emarketing with individual donors." (From the website, 5/4/00) (This URL now links to; 9/17/03)

Online Magazine Program

Along with many other more traditional products for use in fundraising, eFundraising.Com offers an email-based magazine subscription operation. (Email and website, 9/28/03)

Open Philanthropy Network

"Nonprofit groups sign up with the network online, uploading pictures and stories about a specific project, and then publish the project into the network. Once in the network, projects are made available to donors, who can invest in the project online via a simple credit card transaction." A project of DoTheGood in affiliation with The Funding Exchange. (From email dated 1/29/2002)


"e.Venue is an e-commerce platform that supports a suite of ticketing, fundraising, marketing and emerging solutions for college athletics, professional sports, performing arts, museums, attractions and arenas." (From the website, 10/18/02)


Downloads and uploads problems to be worked on idle desktop computers.  Offers an arrangement under which a nonprofit can be paid (approx. $5/month/computer) when supporters enroll their computers in Parabon's distributed solutions network. (email 10/24/00)


Handmade gifts from around the world. A nonprofit marketplace benefiting grassroots artisans and their communities. (From the website, 1/15/00)

Philanthropy Center

An online information resource for charitable and nonprofit donors in peninsula and Silicon Valley (California).  Sponsored by the Center for Venture Philanthropy.


An online version of a fundraising software system.  (Email, 6/8/00.)


"PledgePage allows individuals and organizations to easily and quickly create free fundraising websites. Users can track statistics about their fundraising efforts, manage their outreach activities with email and contact management tools, post photos and diary entries, maintain a guestbook, and customize their site's look-and-feel. PledgePage has proven especially popular with individuals participating in personal fundraising challenges like the Avon Breast Cancer 3-Day walks or the Leukemia-Lymphoma Society's Team in Training marathons." A free service. (Email 6/21/01)

CharityFocus (, a service that links volunteer web designers with nonprofits, took over operation of PledgePage from its founders in early April 2002. The URL also works. (See

No longer operates.  See Giving Shop. (From Giving Shop website, 12/23/00)


Provides a searchable database of sponsorship opportunities.  Charges $48 for a six-month listing, which may be waived for nonprofit organizations and disables athletes. Offers other consulting services to assist in negotiating a successful sponsorship agreement, but such arrangements are not required. (Email 7/1/01)

" is a Walnut Creek, California-based company that provides an online mechanism for people to contribute to their favorite causes while purchasing items like computer equipment and, starting in November, office products and other products. The idea is that 50% of the gross profit (the competitively discounted price to the shopper minus the cost of the item to from each sale goes to the shopper's selected organization." (From NPTalk, 10/5/99) (No longer operating 9/17/03)

Raffle House 

Apparently not functioning, 4/28/00. "We operate raffles for nonprofit organizations. If you are interested in  supporting worthy charities, and winning extraordinary prizes, please come and see us. We can raise money for your nonprofit organization. If you would like to find out more about what we do. Look at what we are doing for other great charities." (From Todd Severance to the NONPROFIT list on October 2, 1999.)

Rapid Pledge - Workplace Fund Raising Software

Automates workplace fundraising campaigns by streamlining the pledge process, administration, payroll interface and campaign reporting. For employees without internet access, paper pledge cards can be used. Alternatively, such employees can use an Interactive voice recognition option to phone-in pledges. Email announcement 2/27/03


Portal site for emergency relief organizations announced in September 2000. (Rick Christ newsletter story 9/21/00)


"RegOnline offers special non-profit pricing for web-based online event registration. Flash tutorials, live web-based training classes, and 24/7 support staff will help you utilize every tool we offer to create a web-based online registration page that is available 24/7 and is custom fit to your needs. Credit card processing, e-mail broadcasting, custom reports, hotel reservations, name badges, attendee management, and a handful of other features are all available." (From RegOnline 2/25/04)

RemitNet, Inc

"I've had some dealings with Last month they informed me they had changed their business model and were no longer handling donation processing. Instead they have switched over to the online payments business, where you can send an invoice or money to another person or firm online. It could be used for donations, but they no longer provide the online forms for membership, events, donations, etc." (Email in cybergifts, 6/13/00.) RemitNet has designed a complete solution to enable non-profit organizations to leverage the Internet to effectively fundraise in the new millennium. Our innovative Web-based system provides the functionality to accept secure online credit card transactions without the significant up-front investment in time, money, and resources. We offer a complete solution through our suite of products that include Online Donations, Event Registration and Memberships. Our affordable Pricing Plan is designed for non-profits of all sizes and enables you to bundle products and maximize savings. In addition, we provide you with online marketing assistance and strategies to help you leverage and drive traffic to your Web site. (From Jay Barker, RemitNet, 10/20/99.)


rsvpBOOK allows event planners to create customized event registration web sites, send email invitations and reminders, accept online payments from registrants, manage event registrations and survey guests.(Email, 4/5/04)

Run Drugs Out of Town Run

No website operating

Provides a free web site and links to merchants who return 10% or more when members and supporters shop on line. The project is sponsored by Encourages organizations to set up a site for each class in a school or team in a league and let the kids help build the site. (Not operating, 1/14/04)

No longer operating 12/10/01; the above link leads to a not very useful search engine with nothing to do with nonprofits.

No longer operating 3/1/04. Reported to have been acquired by schoolpop.

"SchoolCash is a shopping site for school supporters with 150 affiliated merchants and very generous commissions. To enroll schools should call 1.800.688.6252. In addition to online merchants there are opportunities to buy certain items off line, such as name-brand electronics, long distance service, and discount brokerage services. There are no fees involved and merchandise is never marked-up. SchoolCash ensures supporters that their transactions will be kept completely confidential." (From David Greene of SchoolCash, 12/12/99)


Raises money for schools through links to merchants.

(Apparently not functioning, 4/28/00)

Appears to be affiliated with CyberCares.


"A site where you can contribute to charity for free by searching the web and signing up for various free offers. Currently, you can make an $18 contribution for free in less than 10 minutes." (Email 3/20/00)


System for processing checks (including donations checks) from touch-tone phones.

" offers special event coordination service to help nonprofit organizations by smoothing the administrative and logistical tasks of producing successful events and generating funds.  Everything in the service is totally automated!  The online service includes the creation of a WEB Event Page and WEB Organization Page that will create invitations that are sent through email, fax and direct mail.  RSVP's are done through the WEB and via telephone response. The service handles automatic reminders as well as membership management of an organization's database. also provides ecommerce solutions for ticketing, online donations and will soon include online auctions.  The event coordination service is surrounded with the Event Epicenter providing "everything else" the NonProfit coordinator may need - hotel bookings, volunteer matching, forums, employment classifieds, chat." (Formerly offered inexpensive service called 'seeUthere Express; effective 7/1/02, provides only subscription services starting at $4,000 per year plus per transaction charges.)


Youth-oriented "pro-social" website.  (Website visited 1/18/01 -- no longer appears to be active as a donation processor.)


Creates custom emailable catalogs for charities to send to supporters and pays commissions based on purchases.

Shop Goodwill

Launched on August 31, 1999, by Goodwill Industries of Orange County, earned its first $100,000 in just five months. The Santa Ana-based agency was the sole seller on the site until early December, when additional Goodwills began signing up as sellers. Seven more agencies have since posted items, and another thirty are preparing to get online. (From a press release, 2/3/00.)

Shop Plus

No longer accessible 1/1/02. One of the major benefits of Shop Plus is the PAX FamilyHealth television network behind it. The promotion the PAX Family Health website will receive from the PAX network, airing in over 75 million homes, is unprecedented. Another strong point to Shop Plus is that it is limited to the organizations on the National Advisory Board. The National Advisory Board consists of the nation's leading health, wellness and disability organizations. (From Libby Bentley, Marketing Manager, 10/20/99)


Replaced by #ireachout

ShopForChange or

"Any time you buy something from one of the popular merchants accessible through, we donate 5% of each purchase to progressive causes. We make the donation automatically - at no extra cost to you - to groups like Human Rights Watch, Friends of the Earth and Stand for Children. You can also make your voice heard and make a difference. Throughout the year Working Assets monitors events in the corporate world and identifies important and timely issues where citizen activism can make a difference. Each month, ShopForChange highlights one crucial corporate issue, explains what's at stake, and tells you whom to contact to voice your opinion. You can send an e-mail to our targeted decision-maker right from the site." (Email from ShopForChange 1/6/00)

ShopForSchool manages a "community" of online merchants where up to 20% of every purchase made by your members goes to support your organization -- paid for through financial incentives from the Internet's most reputable merchants, including Dell Computers, Borders, CD Universe, Disney Store Online, American Eagle Outfitters, 1-800-Flowers, and many more. wants to be your full-service fundraising resource. (Email from site managers 1/7/00)


Shopping portal donating 50% of merchant commissions to users' individually chosen charity. The mall features 500+ name-brand stores and catalogs. Membership not required. Free to users and causes. All revenues/donations come from merchant commissions.(Discussed on CyberGifts 6/20/01. Entry updated from email 7/24/03.)

Shop to Share

Affiliated with Funding for All; purchases generate funds for participating organizations. (Email 4/18/03)

Build customized event forms in minutes with the ability to collect fees/donations.  This free cyber-programming  automates WebPages and allows (United States Only) nonprofit organizations to except Visa, MasterCard, AmericanExpress, and bank
checks online for a fraction of the cost of other such sites or shopping carts.  This service is provided by the eServices, Corporation  Toll Free: 877-866-4848.


Launched in January 2000, SocialEvents offers gift-delivery services from vendors in many countries around the world.  It invites users to prepare "wish lists" of desired gifts that are available locally for purchase through the site by far-away friends and relatives.  These wish lists may also include charitable organizations to which a gift may be made in the name of the person being honored on a birthday, bar mitzvah, retirement or other special occasion. (not functioning, 4/28/00)

This entity has merged with

Sold Absolute

Hosts charity auctions.

Sponsor Click

A global sponsorship " matchmaker." SponsorClick helps anyone looking for sponsors (events, organizations, individuals). It is a success fee-based service, without subscription fee. (Email May 21, 2001)


"Sporg offers a fundraising, event and member registration solution allowing processing of registrations and receiving payments and donations over the Internet. Sporg's functionality includes: online donations, event registration, member management, invitations, credit-card processing, funds deposited in days, seamless integration into websites, customized reporting, email broadcasting, bulletin boards and more." Email announcement 7/24/03

Sports 4 Kids


A click-to-give site linked to celebrities.  Charities are invited to register to receive donations. (From the website 5/31/01)

An auction site that includes a feature for charities as well as selecting big-ticket items to be auctioned with part of the proceeds going to selected charitable organizations. (NY Times 10/23/00)

TardisComm Inc

Online ticket sales, subscriptions, event promotions and donations. campaigns.


An online shopping mall that provides technology credits to participating schools based on supporters' purchases. (From the website, 8/29/01)

TEN97, the Social Responsibility Network

TEN97 produces dynamic fund-raising and promotional events for worthy causes. TEN97 enlists the support of socially responsible celebrities, corporate sponsors, non-profit organizations, the media, the public and a select team of strategic specialists. By drawing all of these resources together, TEN97 focuses diverse people, organizations, and interest groups into one team, at one place, at one time to make the difference for a worthy cause.  (Adapted 8/12/99 from the TEN97 website.) (Owns, q.v.)

An online data-storage system that provides customized services for various sorts of businesses including nonprofits who can maintain donor records on the website.  (Email discussion 6/7/00.)

see The Fundraiser

TheRightReason is a community building organization funded by helping organizations raise funds via the internet. It also offers subscriptions for internet access at $19.95 per month for unlimited access and rebates up to $5 per month for on-going revenue. (From email 3/10/00.)


Event and other registration services customized for a wide variety of organizations and needs. (Promotional email, 11/11/04)


A 'storefront' for organizations wishing to sell any sort of 'digital' materials -- reports, videos, artworks, etc. etc., anything that can be downloaded. There is a one-cent per day fee for each item posted, plus a percentage fee based on the cost of each item sold that covers credit-card fees. The posting organization must, of course, own the right to sell the materials offered. (Email 10/6/03)


Tupperware Corporate & Scholastic Online Fundraisers. Earn 20% profit on sales generated through an organization-specific Tupperware shopping site. Tupperware will provide a shopping portal including its complete product line and a unique URL. Accounts can remain active from 30 days to 12 months. Stats and sales are monitored daily.(Email 4/8/04)

Allows celebrities and others to offer experiences for auction with part or all of the proceeds donated to a favored charity.  States clearly that in most cases the amount paid is not tax deductible for the winning bidder.  (From the website, 6/14/00.)

United eWay

"United is a consortium of local United Way organizations committed to fostering philanthropy in their communities through the implementation of advanced technologies. For more information about United contact Merl Waschler at"; (Press release, 3/21/01)

United in One Accord

"An organization dedicated to aiding NP's implement Internet fundraising strategies to develop their 'online communities' and achieve their financial mission. We offer an Affinity Program that empowers NP's. In addition, we develop privatized networks with your look and feel to include newsgroups." (Email from founder, 4/12/00) (No longer operating 9/17/03)

Allows event planners to announce events and sell tickets (including reserved seating and other details) online.  There is no charge for the "base service."  The service is described as being suitable for handling everything from an in-home charity event to a full-featured cruise.  (From the website, 1/20/00)

Vertical Response

Comprehensive email-campaign services with strict anti-spam policies and pricing based solely on the number of messages sent (from .015 cents per to .0075 for more thant 100,000). (Information Systems Forum user comments, 8/13/02.)

Virtual Charity Ball

Virtual Foundation

We have been experimenting with online fundraising for small environmental projects initiated by local non-governmental organizations. Information about  every aspect of our project including proposals that have been funded, projects awaiting donors, administrative procedures, and foundations supporting the project is available on our website.


"VirtualSprockets' website design and hosting services are based on an entire line of products created to anticipate the needs of non-profits, associations, and issue advocacy organizations. Online applications include tools for constituent relationship management (CRM) and engagement, content management and fundraising." (Provided by the company, 1/23/01)


Votenet Solutions is a non-partisan and non-ideological technology solutions firm for the public policy and politics market. We specialize in helping public policy and political organizations to use the internet to achieve their strategic goals and objectives.

A fee-based service that simultaneously checks multiple databases for background information on individuals who are prospecting supporters of subscribing nonprofits. (Website announced 5/11/00)

Online auction. "You are able to list things in a 'thrift shop' or on an auction site, while listing your cause on your own page. Although the traffic is not as heavy as eBay or the other big names, the service is free, so you have nothing to lose!" (Online comment by Laura Schulte, Fundraising Coordinator, National Society for American Indian Elderly, 10/1/01)


"Webgiver[delta] provides consulting services for nonprofit organizations who need: (a) Donor relations management and information technology consulting; (b) Donor relations management services; (c) Donor cultivation; (d) An on-line donation package that can be transparently added to NPO's existing web site." (From the website, 4/10/01)


Offers revenue to NPOs based on use of telecommunications services. (Email 2/5/01)

Webstore America

Advertiser-supported customized ecommerce sites allow participating nonprofits to receive 100% of payments from affiliated merchants.  (The Grantsmanship Center News, Winter 2000.)


A web-design firm that offers a fixed-fee package deal to design and support a donation-page to add to a charity's existing WWW site. The page collects donor information but does not provide online merchant services (credit-card processing). (No longer operating 9/17/03)


"WeCareToo offers free web pages in its growing online directory of not for profit groups as well as several optional fund raising programs that are structured to pay a participating group from 60 to 100% or all funds generated by the program." (email 8/23/00)

An online store that allows purchasers to designate a nonprofit to receive a portion of the purchase price. Requires charities to register before they can be designated. Email 3/20/02

Whirlwind Marketing

Offers online donation processing services for an annual subscription fee under the name v-Giving. (From the website, 3/30/01; thanks to Stan Hutton for identifying this resource.)

Women, Children & Family Service Charities

Provides a portal site where donors can find national charities working to improve the lives of women and families they wish to support.  Donations can be made online to any charity via check, credit card, or gift of stock.  WCFS is a membership organization that reviews and certifies its members annually. In addition to its web site, WCFS places its members into workplace employee fund drives, the largest being the Combined Federal Campaign for federal employees.

Comprehensive personal finance site includes extensive "giving" section with opportunity for online donations "powered by" 4charity. (Website 11/20/00)

Hosts charity auctions.

Your Community Connection

Provides free nonprofit websites with a "forum" feature supporting discussions along with a "Contributions Store" where purchases generate royalties for participating organizations.

Your School Shop

A shopping mall that sends up to 30% of purchases to schools designated by shoppers.  Schools much choose to participate.  Operated by

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