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Using the Internet

In a nonprofit organization, community is essential. The World Wide Web and the Internet have provided a space in which we can network with those whom we might otherwise never have the opportunity to meet. In this section, you will find articles and resources that can help you effectively use the Internet to further your nonprofit's mission.

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Featured Articles
Internet Software Recommendations
What Can Email Do For You?
Internet Issues for Tax-Exempt Organizations
What is the Internet?
Using E-mail Effectively
An Introduction to Internet Security in the Workplace
An Introduction to Chat and Instant Messengers
Options for Online Discussions
Time-saving Search Strategies
Using Search Engines and Subject Directories
An Introduction to Email Listservs and Internet Mailing Lists
How to Write a More Sophisticated Search Request
Using Email for Fundraising
An Introduction to Ergonomics
Using Email as an Advocacy Tool
Adopting Technology Interview with Denis Hayes
Paper Efficiency
Fixing Poorly-Formatted Email
Green Networking: An Interview with EnviroLink Founder Josh Knauer
Conversation with LocusPocus Founder Bill Pease
Converting to Environmental Papers - Without Paper!
Nonprofits and E-Commerce: An Interview with Gary Grobman
How to Create a 'BCC' Email List
Languages and the Internet
Beyond Antivirus Software
Virus FAQ
Your Nonprofit Job Search
Mistakes That Could Cost You a Job
Finding the Fairytale Job
Chronological vs. Functional
Judging a Book By Its Cover
Never Let ‘em See You Sweat
Congressional Email Overload
Online Communication via Fax and Telephone
To Be Asked or Not To Be Asked: These are the Questions
Virtual Community-Building for NonProfit Organizations
Writing Effective Email Alerts
Cultivating the Grassroots
Dealing with Job Search Anxiety
20 Ways to Get the Most out of Your Recruiters
An Activists' Strategy for Effective Online Networking
Online Activism
72 Reasons Why E-mail Is Still the Killer App!
The Environmental Movement and Technology
Voice Over IP
Alternative Browsers
The Environmental Movement and Technology Discussion
Using Grassroots Documentary Films for Political Change
Documentaries and Activism
Camcorders in Activists' Hands
What Should Go in Your Newsletter
Moving Audiences to Action
Guerilla Marketing 101: Get the Word Out
Controlling Listserv Overload
Using E-Mail to Stay in Touch With Members
Jakob Nielsen: Web Site Usability and Accessibility for Nonprofits
Make an Impact with Advocacy Videos
An Interview with TechSoup's Security Forum Host
Become a Mentor -- Online
An Introduction to Weblogs
Internet Activism: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
How Electronic Newsletters Can Help Charities
Infection Control
Distance Learning
Cookies: You Are Never Alone on the Internet
Essential E-Mail Etiquette
24 Hot Tips on Resume Writing
The Weather Underground
Spam Legislation's Impact on Organizations' E-Mail Lists
How to Deal with Spam
Introduction to Web Services
How To Gather E-Mail Addresses From Your Members, and What To Do With Them
Telecommuting Policy Issues for Organizations
'Spam Kings' Author Shares Insights, Spam-Prevention Tips
Spam: Pigeon of the Internet
Top 20 Ways to Prevent Spam
Tired of Spam? We'll Help You Install A Spam Filter
How Not to Get Dubbed a Spammer
Spam This! Resources for Fighting the Scourge of Spam
An Accessible Web Site for Everyone?
RSS for Nonprofits
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Message Boards
Learn more about how communicating through message boards, chat and email can support your organization's goals and mission.
Visit the Virtual Community forum.

Career Corner
Nonprofit Technology Online Communities
Online Community Building Tools
Tools for Environmental Organizations
Accessible Web Building Tools and Guidelines
Assistive Technology Assistance Providers
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Nonprofit Stories
Craigslist: A Community with a Conscience
Using the Web Helps Take the Message to the Streets
Silence Speaks
Adopting Technology Case Study: Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition
Philanthropy Meets Technology
E-Mentoring Tool Kit Aids Online Mentoring Efforts
TransAccess: Enabling the Disabled
Adopting Technology Case Study: Idaho Conservation League
E-action Alerts Help Environmental Coalition Win Despite Near-Government Shutdown
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