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Using the Web to Communicate, Organize and Promote

So Many Questions:

  • When is email appropriate or illegal?
  • Why do spam filters stop me from emailing my membership list?
  • Why don't my pages show up on search engines?
  • What does it take to accept donations online?
  • Do online fundraisers work?

A Few Answers:

  • Harness the power of technology, both desktop and online, to strengthen audiences, membership, community connections and fundraising
  • Use exploration, directed research, discussion and common sense to design a technology plan which will allow your organization to work faster, better and more cost-effectively
  • Look at many ways to successfully collect, manage, update and use common sets of data, such as mailing lists, email groups, event logs and membership.
  • Learn to ask and find answers to questions about technology.

Participants will benefit most if they come prepared to ask and answer questions about their organization's current use of websites, office computers and other techno-tools."